Dad is like any school-age kid: he knew about this office pumpkin-decorating contest weeks ago, but he chose this weekend to insist that mom and I come up with something for him. Our creations have won him prizes in years past . . .

Mum and I are resourceful, anyway: this is how we decorated Dad’s pumpkin for an office contest last night, without the luxury of a gluegun. The primary supplies came from a small pot of flowers I took home from work Saturday. I think she has purty eyes, although the big red cauliflower nose and that unibrow are unfortunate.



Carl Nelson was a Armed Forces Network announcer who visited the Frankenstein castle near Darmstadt, Germany on Halloween night in 1952.

He was already apprehensive as he probed into the crypt under the dark castle, reporting all the while. He knocked something over, and the resulting crash rattled him. He was calming himself when he spotted a grotesque statue in the fading beam of his penlight. He thought he saw it move slightly. Fearful but still reporting, he forced himself to go up and touch it. He discovered that it wasn’t made of solid material as he had supposed…and it moved again.

Nelson lost it. Pleading for help and pounding on the locked door, he fainted.

It was an elaborate prank that almost backfired; he could easily have had a heart attack. It is scary to hear this man freaking out for real while valiantly trying to do his job.

Here is another telling of the story (near the bottom of the linked page) by the son of one of the pranksters and more about the Frankenstein castle.