Okay . . . I want to organize a Jazz/Blues themed relief event for the people of the Gulf Coast region of the S. US within the month. Since that region is, essentially, the birth place of the blues and of Jazz Roots (eg. Louis Armstrong), it feels fitting and I know there is an audience for it.

I want to use all of my contacts and available resources and so forth to make this happen, and assemble a small, tight, strong team to accomplish this. I know what I want to do, and I will make this happen. I am aiming to support the Red Cross or the United Way.

Any locals, please get in touch with me if you’d like to help or have suggestions. I don’t want any criticisms or hints that I can’t do this.

I know I need:

— date
— permit
— venue
— sponsors
— musicians
— people power
— food/beverage
— advert/promotion

That’s a start. I’m prob. missing something here, but I think those would be teh broad categories.

Non-locals — why not do something in your hometown and we can have a network to support one another?