I know that there are some girls out there who prefer to be wooed.

I am not one of those girls.

I love to woo. I love to practice my own brand of chivalry. And I can never be a passive lover.

Yeah, sure, I like to be blessed with romantic thoughts and acts like any other warm-blooded creature who enjoys being loved.

But I also love to do romantic things normally attributed to the male of the twosome, like any other warm-blooded creature who enjoys loving.

I probably get cheesy to the externalized eye. Oh, he does too.

But we probably don’t care all that much about externalized eyes at the present, because what matters is the exchange between our own eyes.

That last sentence makes no sense, perhaps, since he is there and I am here and it has been over a month now since we trully had a live exchange, eye to eye. And when we talk by phone, he is “an hour behind me”.


I have my methods of wooing from afar. hehhehhehhehheh.