HOPErevo(lution) has triggered something spree-like within me (even a little child-like, but that might not be so bad).

Go Inside placement on bus

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I wrote a short bit of lyric inside the card (the first stanza of “Smile”), folded it and propped it as shown on the seat ahead of me. I just did this on the bus ride home this evening — I wanted to leave it in such a way that it wouldn’t look too much like garbage/left behind scraps.

“Smile” is one of my favourite songs, especially as sung by Nat King Cole or Holly Cole (no relation). That is the whole point of what I want to do with this activity.
I messed up the lyrics as I wrote it out, and my handwriting leaves much to be desired, but I enjoyed following the impulse.

Smile, Though

I think I am going to have too much fun with this one — now, to put some more creativity into the design of the things . . . 😛



The new acquisitions (iridescent paints, acrylic mediums, etc.) have proved themselves most useful in my growing addiction . . .

So here in Toronto, there are still vibrant turning leaves hanging on to trees and huge piles of the fallen all over the map. Of course I impulse-purchased a little packet of fake dried leaves at that little indie “dollar store” in Chinatown (where I spent near an hour gawking yesterday). Of course the iridescent copper captivated.

I especially loved trying this “self-levelling medium” — before it dries completely, it is etchable. I could therefore trace out the outline of a stencilled leaf (the original of which got painted over accidentally) . . . fortuitous mistake!

Looking at it, there is “more” I’d like to do with it BUT I quickly signed it last night so I couldn’t obsess over more changes. Done is done.

In the same spirit of being “free” to make mistakes and risk crapulence: this participant in Art Every Day Month 2009, Kara at Mother Henna, wrote/shouted a rallying cry for fearlessness in the face of making crap/sucking. I now feel good about saying that my shit sucks (!) but that this is part of the process. . . I am loving this process.