I was fortunate that an old friend took me up on an offer to find me at work last night. This old friend, Andrew M., has not been home for the holidays in three years (He lives in London, UK). And, in finding me, we were able to meet up with Adam G. and make plans to go to 42nd Street Lounge after my shift was over.

Wow. Even though I’ve been living here in little Ch’town all this time, it amazes me when I do run into so many people I know — beloved old friends and acquaintances from my university and amateur theatre days — within minutes of stepping into a place like 42nd Street Lounge. There was a whole table crammed with ex-pats, including one ex-boyfriend from about five years ago (!!!), and it was so wonderful to “shoot the shit”, joke around, and catch up on our lives.

And how quickly I become involved in stuff and driven to do shit when surrounded by active, fiercely intelligent, and interesting people! There are only so many friends in my life who will engage me in conversation about Priapus, various dead metaphysicists, and the multiple definitions of “liberalism”. I could be as geeky and eccentric as I pleased!

— I have a CBC contact now! Lindsay works for CBC Montreal, and she says she will e-mail me with names and tips for CBC Toronto!!!!! Whoot! That would be MY DREAM JOB — broadcast journalism, eventually with proper education, and all that goes with it. I’d be pleased as punch to be the girl who makes coffee in that building. Bring ‘er.

— I have another Toronto contact, an old friend who lives there and works in a major live theatre downtown, and she says there are always jobs in the theatres starting in Spring — always a demand for good workers with a strong customer service-orientation. Yes! Another fab job possibility.

— I am now a volunteer for my local NDP candidate, who happens to be younger than I am and as solid a person as you will ever find. We were coming up with really funny/stupid slogans, such as “Strong Like Stalin”.

— I am also being mailed copies of a fellow playwright’s short one-acts for future directorial consideration (did I actually open my big mouth and admit that I miss putting on plays?! YES . . . oh, erin, dumbdumbdumb)

That’s plenty right there. I must say I am feeling so much more excited about moving to a place like Toronto, although Montreal attracts me immensely too.
I feel like so many doors are on the verge of opening up.

This is what Christmas is about — cheer, great company, merry-making, and celebration of past, present and future.


I have been told to stay off the roads today by the parents, so that is what I’m doing. There are packages to mail, last-minute gifties to buy, and supplies to get to make the rest . . . but I am home, with nothing more urgent to do then some light cleaning.

I should probably go out for it gets dark to dig out my car, clean it off, and run it a bit to warm the engine (I do work at 7 am tomorrow), but I may put that off a bit . . . I am so warm and lazy today!

I really miss having a warm, furry, sleepy dog in the house on days like this. Satch would sleep most of the day, yes, but he would also wander over now and again to check in and just knowing he was there was terribly soothing. I had someone to “listen” when I was basically talking to myself.

So, I am listening to Maritime Noon to get some voices in the house (today’s phone-in: christmas baking tips) and I am getting eager to get cracking on the goodie factory. But there isn’t enough flour, I think, to do much. That, and I’d rather have everything super fresh for Christmas and not baked too early.

Funny how my job has completely gotten me back into baking. I can’t wait to do the gingerbread, which is arguably my favourite. I love ginger anything.