And here I am, the last day of Art Every Day Month and, at last, the end of November. I started this yesterday with a layer of gesso which I textured into fine ripples (best tool: paper towel) and left to dry overnight. This is my first ever attempt at something recognizable (eg. a vase with flowers). My husband, the realist and talented landscape/portrait painter, declared “It is actually a something”!

It was not a great day for me, in a respect, as I heard disappointing news about an interesting job which I had interviewed for. It took some muster to get into a less bluesy mind frame after dinner. I guess I could have channeled that into the painting, but I chose not to — I wanted something bright and lively. I started with yellow, my favourite colour, because I felt a need for it. Not normally a fan of pink, but this is the colour I jumped to in order to stand out against the silvery blue.

Because it was mostly a great day, the above notwithstanding. The organization I interviewed for, ostensibly, liked me and I came really really close to getting the job, and I have awesome references, and the HR officer cited upcoming jobs in January if I am patient and wait (and they will let me know). Yeah, so, I am valid in being glum on one level but, on another, the possibilities are out there if I focus in on them.

I was I did some enjoyable volunteer work doing what I enjoy best: writing, editing and a little desktop publishing. I am going in to this office, another non-profit, for a few days this week — I’ve missed the odd pleasure of going in to something everyday and being productive in a personally meaningful way. Money, yes, is nice (!) but the routine is the most valuable bit.

An important and beautiful routine, for me, has been playing with art this month. I need to keep this up the way I need to get exercise so many times a week and drink water and eat colourful veggies daily. Therefore, I will stick with Creative Every Day for the remainder of 2009 (December has a recyclable objects theme) and into 2010. Thank you for the journey, Leah!


Used two feathers to create the feathery patterns on the canvas (acrylics)

I’ve been under the weather the past few days — Thursday is a blur — and so I am catching back up into “Art Every Day Month” . . . I did this one quickly late yesterday.