I have tears in my eyes from laughing over this one:

I’ve been engaged in some frustrating e-mail exchanges with Yahoo.ca e-mail tech support. I will elaborate on the frustration at bottom. Here’s an idea, though, of how well these people are *actually* reading my bug report e-mails, as I got this reply today:

Hello Leonard,

Hunh? I was confused, and thought I was receiving someone else’s e-mail. When I worked in two call centre-type jobs, replying to tons of e-mail and calls per day, I never sent e-mails to the wrong customers or the wrong names. My name is Erin, by the way . . .

Then I looked at the bottom and realized that I have a little signature on there: a quote by Leonard Cohen(“There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.”). And it came before my own name . . .

I think it would have been funnier to be addressed as Mr. Cohen.

But aside from this, I am seriously thinking of dismantling my Yahoo e-mail today. I have had a problem now for two weeks at least — I am entirely unable to send e-mail from my account, no matter which browser or computer I use, and the bug has actually frozen my browser entirely twice. In my interactions with this tech support, the answers I get do not match the content of my questions or descriptions of the problem.

I have dutifully, with each reply, retranscribed the issues, all error messages, everything, but I get replied to as though it were simply something wrong with my computer or my browser EVEN THOUGH I keep explaining that this happens no matter which computer or browser I attempt to work from. They are form letters, each and every one. I even managed to point out, bluntly, that they were not *listening* to my correspondence (I was very polite, mind), and I STILL got the same, exact Goddamn form letter, just from a different person.

I’m not paying for it, so I shouldn’t get too testy, right? Instead, I am pretty much looking into alternatives. Can anyone vouch for Google’s e-mail service, or any others?