This is simple, but it was so pleasurable to make. I intend to sneak this somewhere like a book shelf or a coffee shop stir stick/plastic lid station. I am still on the wave of HOPErevo. . . the quote is something I found along the way, randomly, today and it spoke to me.

My image transfer attempt seems to be working — but taking a long time (it is a magazine photo) for the paper itself to remove. Still, now that I have the hang of it, I can learn other techniques and improve/get faster.


HOPErevo(lution) has triggered something spree-like within me (even a little child-like, but that might not be so bad).

Go Inside placement on bus

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I wrote a short bit of lyric inside the card (the first stanza of “Smile”), folded it and propped it as shown on the seat ahead of me. I just did this on the bus ride home this evening — I wanted to leave it in such a way that it wouldn’t look too much like garbage/left behind scraps.

“Smile” is one of my favourite songs, especially as sung by Nat King Cole or Holly Cole (no relation). That is the whole point of what I want to do with this activity.
I messed up the lyrics as I wrote it out, and my handwriting leaves much to be desired, but I enjoyed following the impulse.

Smile, Though

I think I am going to have too much fun with this one — now, to put some more creativity into the design of the things . . . 😛

I don’t post everyday, but I have been doing well at doing something creative every day in some small way this week (even just fancying up envelopes for the wedding thank you cards I’ve been mailing out). I think I started out, being green and keen, with dreams of biggish things. I’m aiming at smaller threads which I can weave into my day-to-day for now, the better to make a habit (I know I will be a Creative Every Day 2010 participant — life beyond November)!

Here is something to show, however, as the sharing is part of the process. I have been inspired by theHOPErevo – leaving random “love” notes (platonic) about for strangers to find . . . the origins of the project are in New York City, but god Toronto could use a boost of this kind as well! As a random act of kindness sort of woman, this appeals to me immensely and so I started to play with ideas . . .

Pink, yellow and blue

I am still working on ideas for my “dog” painting, and I am playing with ideas for homemade Christmas presents, but I’ll work with small drops as I bolster myself. Job searching, especially after a gap, is humbling at the best of times.