Wow. I probably seem lazy, although I have continued to be pretty chatty on Facebook and have become more visible on Twitter (@erigal80).

There are reasons/excuses. I must say that working steadily and full-time has been a major distraction. I have a bad habit of putting my current work ahead of most other things extracurricular, which means there just has not been as much energy put towards things like, oh, my passions as there could have been.

Furthermore, as of the last two weeks, I have been full throttle within a thus-far fantastic publishing intensive program at Ryerson University. It simply requires more focus and there is less room for procrastination.

That being said . . . this is exactly why I am making more room in my life for blogging and creating my own work. Being back in school, in a program which is directly up my alley, is the perfect incentive to do exactly those things that I love (eg. writing, books, writing about books, sharing information) and to make this work front and centre. I feel like I have a new compass now.

Over the long weekend, I will be dusting things off (clearing cobwebs, changing the curtains, that sort of thing) and getting back into a more regular pattern of posting, linking and writing. Thank you for joining me on my new journey . . .

December 2nd, first full moon of the month

As I worked, very warm colours (golden yellows especially, and reds) popped out to me and seemed to defy any notion of December darkness or hibernation. I ran with this! A little busy, but there is a lot of busyness in my dreams these days. I am still looking for a job, and I have all kinds of questions swimming within me about career, employment, personal direction, and so on. In all honesty, I’ve felt quite bummed out the past few days but this helped me ease up on myself considerably.

I was also drawn by ideas of personal power, potential, risk-taking, celebration/gifting (Christmas is coming). I feel like I am bursting at times lately with so much I want to say and do and be and try and yet I have to fight the fear so much along the way. I like to imagine myself as that tiny but mighty lady in red, in the lower left-hand corner, pushing some columns out of her way . . . this is all metaphorical.

This is my first full moon dream board, so of course I went into it trying not to be too perfectionistic about it. As much as possible, I tried to just select what came to me along the way and not get too hung up on the look of it in the end. That all said, I quite like it and I know it will do me good to look at it the rest of the month as I pound the pavement and dream big.

Another participantwrote this of her experience in recent days, not unlike mine, where this day and this activity has helped to break loose from darker, shivery feelings:

“Yesterday was particularly rough, one of those fabled “dark nights of the soul” where every self-doubt and every insecurity came out to play and take over my thoughts, coupled with a wave of fear. Today, though, I was able to shake it all off somewhat. Oh, it is still lurking behind me, breathing down my neck, but I’m not listening to it, and it’s not choking me. This is a powerful day, the first of two full moons this month, with the rebirth of the Light on the way, and, as the piece above said, time for spiritual alchemy, evaluating life, and knowing I’ll survive the dark times if or when they come.”

For more information on what and why I did this bit of scissors and paste art tonight, visit Jamie Ridler’s site


Whee!! I have wanted to do this for a few years now, and I decided to get off my but (not a mispelling) and plunge in.

Until two months ago, I had no idea that I could create art. As in, painting and collaging and even design. I kept trying to write, relying on words to paint my imagination. Words have their limitations.

Now, I have no idea where to put my growing pile of canvases. I might be addicted, and that is fine with me. At least there is this wonderful idea called Art Every Day Month where I can get the impulse out!

Here is what I worked on last night, on All Hallow’s Eve:


Happy November . . . 🙂