I’ve just discovered The Arctic Monkeys, based in the UK. “Scummy” is the single.

I am fond, yes.


So . . .

September 25th (Sunday)
6-10 pm
Basilica Rec Centre
All Ages — but there will be a licensed room where people cannot leave with drink and they card — read: no one turned away unless we are at capacity or you are threat to well-being/control of event.

Price: I’m mulling this one. $5 OR I might make it by donation and rely on trust. Hope to make money on live auction to offset people who can’t afford much to get in, although I think a flat rate is fair with option to give more.

Roughly, blues/R&B/jazz theme.

Volunteers needed (to help with set-up, putting up posters, contacting bands ans assisting with the line-up, and anyone who has even the littlest bit of time, resources, and creativity).

Contact: me (yellow_mazine@yahoo.ca) or at 626-6809.

Meeting for prospective volunteer-types: Monday, September 5th, 5pm or so, Formosa Tea House, dinner on me (within reason!) Bring a buddy, contact info, smiles, and enthusiasm.

Any one with two cents out there? Or willing to broadcast this PSA on their blogs?



I *might* have a really big (for PEI) act in my benefit concert. No details because it is so early, but someone else with a certain amount of star power in Charlottetown is trying to get something going and I might fuse my work with his to make life simpler and to be more effective — he knows me enough and someone is asking him for me. Holy shit, it would be the concert of the year if I can get that involvement!!!!!

SO far, this is too easy. Never thought I had so many contacts.

Waiting for something to happen . . .