I had two inspirations in particular yesterday:

1) This post by a blogging artist from NYC — Katie Sokolor at “Color Me Katie” — helped me to get circles of big colour on the brain and, eventually, onto a blank surface:

And 2) a book, acquired at local library, which is literally called Paint Happy! by Cristina Acosta — free form, fluid, vibrant expressive painting techniques using pastels and acrylics.

Oh, I cannot omit Michael (my husband) — I used his old pastels and a set of his pastel paper, and he showed me a few tricks with Q-tips and fingertips. I like having a teacher in-house. 🙂


The ONE thing better than a birthday breakfast consisting of chocolate chip pancakes, perfect bacon, and fresh coffee?

Knowing that, tomorrow, my boyfriend is arriving on PEI for one WHOLE week!!!!!

Yeah, it has been two and a half months since I could even hug the man.

Best Birthday Present EVER.

The boyfriend has this way of coming up with hilarious ideas for the themes suggested by Illustration Friday. This week’s theme is flavour, and most participants are doing stuff that is about food, or colour, or something similar.

That would be too boring for Mike. Here is his take on “Flava”:

Now That’s Flava!