What do you wish for 2010?

Wow, big huge question — trying to not over think it! 2009 was a doozie — so many big things (getting married being the big one), and so many growing pains/moments of humility. If nothing else, this was the year I had to step back (way back) and gain clarity.

From here: I wish for a blend of balance and boldness. I wish to incorporate a little more personal, goal-directed discipline into my life (with far less excess worry-warting and self-induced stress), but I especially want to be braver and more proactive. This means a mix of stretching and strength-training (for actual muscles and spiritual ones too).

I have a growing project for the year: Outside The Lines, a group blog co-authored by friends about “painting outside the lines” of our lives and taking on commitments, personal “dares” and all the scary things that we have avoided but which have potential to be empowering. It is easier to be honest and committed to my resolutions and “dares” with cohorts! For example, I am doing a polar bear swim on New Year’s, vowing to write for non-work reasons every week, gradually exploring and taking up a more regular exercise or meditation practice, and trying some relatively scary social experiences (the “networking” word) to help reduce knee-jerk shyness.

A big part of the blog project itself, as a whole, is to “make things happen” and create a space to write, to edit and organize and to possibly open doors which I did not know were out there for me to open. Until I have a chance to go back to school and study communications or the like, I remain enrolled in the school of life and I can just try doing it as much as I can, like this or as a volunteer.

Psst — I am open to having more people join us on the journey, and I think this group of women would be amazing. People can start at any time . . . the more the merrier, I say! What scares you? What appeals to you, but which has never felt “safe” or comfortable or sensible to take up?

(I still feel weird marketing myself, like I am being solipsistic. Working on it — I’ve been told that I am the worst bragger they’ve ever heard more than once)!

I dare you to dare yourself


“What do you wish to give?”

At this point, I am happy to give the smallest and yet the biggest of
things — a little lightness and maybe a bonus smile or laugh in the day for someone. In spite of Christmas build up of lights and festiveness, I usually find December dark, rushed and heavy in feel (me and winter have issues), so if I can keep myself shining my own little light outwardly as much as I can then maybe it can be passed along in spirit. As a side wishlet, I wish to give my whole heart and love to my husband, the family and to my very dear friends.

I love this new practice.

(Oh God, is is it the 16th already? Seriously?! Oy).