Okay, I’ve got one large, free! venue (Basilica Rec Centre) on hold for the 25th, but I’m now realizing that the 18th makes much more sense yet still gives me time to do this right without inducing a panic attack along the way. The catch is I need enough volunteers to take-down bingo from night before and set things back afterwards, and staff there might not be willing to stay past 10 pm. But I can get licensing.

Also, there may be a bar willing to pitch in for free. I heard rumour about Myron’s!!!!! Just a rumour, for now . . . that would be too easy!!!!!!!!!!

But I’ve at least got it narrowed down, and dates semi-plotted, and a timeline to have that decided on (Tuesday). And lots of interest. People I have not heard from is ages have piped up for me, and I am confident that people will help.

I’m smiling!!

(I swear I’m not manic!!!) 😛