I hate bragging, but this is the first month in the whole of 2005 in which I’ve had genuine things to brag about, so I’m doing it:

A) Getting a raise at work after just a month . . . they seem to like me!! And I love that job thus far. There is a training program in the October which will help get me some cred in other provinces/cities in this industry.
Spent room checks singing in empty hotel rooms.

B) It is a fucking gorgeous day, and tomorrow will be better. My favourite season is easily late summer and early fall.

C) I get to sleep in a wee bit tomorrow. Effin’ A’ Allright, as Creases might say. I am not yet a morning person. 5:30 am does not like me.

D) The mixed CD that Brickslayer made me arrived. The cover is the sunrise from Blooming Point. The soundtrack is the songs we heard/shared that incredible week. The throb of my heart is a bit punkish lately . . . 🙂 Since I can’t talk to him until Sunday, I at least have some other aural memories to listen to.