My former colleague, Sharon, writes posts which often make me nod, snicker and sometimes shake a fist at stuff that equally irks me. She has been living with her fellow, a mathemagician (that does sound cool) , in Oxford England for the past year. Ergo, we have the Accidental Brit.

I have been following this story coming out of Uganda about a new law which criminalizes homosexuality with heavy jail sentences, threat of the death penalty in some circumstances and (especially frightening) requires all those who know/suspect of another’s “deviance” to come forward to authorities and “name names”. Sharon writes about this subject, and a strange eureka of pride for the stand taken by PM Stephen Harper on the matter. I love this piece because I had the same sentiment when I read about his interactions with the Ugandan president:

Pride . . . in our PM(?) for taking this stand

Now, if only it weren’t so gross to watch this same PM represent Canada on climate change and the environment. Ugh.

Incidentally, I am participating in Amnesty International’s “Write-A-Thon” in honour of December 10th, International Human Rights Day. I have no money to speak of for donations to causes, but I am capable of writing multiple letters in a day and I am also capable of documenting the lead up and process of this event for the next several days. This is an issue which has always stirred me up inside, even as a kid.