I don’t always look at digital pictures immediately after I take them. Sometimes I like to check them out later, so I don’t have the urge to instantly delete the ones that don’t look “good”.

This was the case last night, when I hung out with friends Marieve and Alanna around Toronto. I took many pictures, but the night time ones and a few others didn’t turn out as expected (I possibly didn’t focus correctly, or used the wrong setting, or whatever — irrelevant after the fact).

The weird ones are often the most interesting, in the end. And they can be made more interesting by cropping to accentuate the good bits, or rendered black and white or over-saturated or antiqued using really basic photo-editing. Suddenly, crappy pictures can become mesmerizing. Sometimes, I don’t want to make any changes at all – it is “fine” as is:

Rebel L's

She Juggles Fire -- Elm Street, Toronto.