I’m not going to trot out excuses and explanations, as the fact remains that I have not been posting and I haven’t been as active the past few days with my creative work. Slacking off! This, unfortunately, is not new to me in November, a month I have grappled with in the past (I think it is the word “no” built into the name of this month, and the darkness).

The only thing for it is to brush it off and get back at it. I took a long walk in the park while the sun was out, in part to get back to paying attention. Taking pictures helps me immensely with this, and gives me ideas for my more hands-on craft work.

I like playing with colour selection, and the fading out of nature in mid-November gives me lots of glimpses at surviving shots of colour. When I uploaded this and other photos, I cropped and used antiquing filters to further alter the image. I like it.

Flecks of Red