I spent most of today out and about between appointments. Fortunately, I had the camera on hand — just a different medium of creativity!

In Toronto, the CN Tower often pops up unexpectedly in the landscape. When I walked by the old CHUM building at Richmond and John, I spotted the reflection of the tower in the glass of the walkway. The sky was radiant today … as I went to set up the shot, an employee walked through and so I included him in the picture. I still want to crop it/edit it somehow, but for now I am happy as is.

I have a tough time letting go of a perfect idealization of how a piece should look. This month, my goal is to let go of the outcome a little more and experiment. In aid of this, I splurged on new iridescent/interference acrylics and a starter kits of mediums. I am new to painting, so no better time to moodle and splash — a cure for perfectionism?