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Sounding Circle):

Controlling the Outcome

I live with the illusion that if I try hard enough, think hard enough, work hard enough and plan well enough, I will be able to control the outcome of a given situation. Soul tells me to take the action and let go of the results. When I feel that I can control the outcome, I live in the result rather than the process. “Life is what happens when you are making other plans.” Trying to control results dams up the waters within me. My energy is spent on managing rather than living. When I feel that I am somehow responsible for the outcome of a situation, I get tangled up in a tedious maze of micro-management. I try to determine other people’s feelings, perceptions and actions in an attempt to anticipate all the possibilities, so that I can better manage them. Living in the outcome is a way to avoid the present; consequently, it becomes living away from soul.