High-end Scotch still available here

The Guardian

Island connoisseurs of single-malt scotch and other high-end tipples from the land of Robbie Burns can rest at ease, because they will still be able to get them here on Prince Edward Island for the foreseeable future.

In New Brunswick, the world’s largest supplier of spirits, Diageo, has reallocated that province’s share of fine scotch inventory to other places such as China and India, where scotch has become a status drink and is able to demand much higher prices than in North America.

Brooke MacMillian, chief executive officer of the P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission said the Island is in a different position because of its lower volume, and should be all right.

“We have received our fall orders and our inventory in single malts and blends will carry us till March, and we don’t anticipate any problems after that as far as we know now,” he said.

In a recent conversation he had with Diageo, the supplier confirmed that the only scotch P.E.I. will not be getting is Johnny Walker Green.

“But there are 95 different scotch players in Scotland, so there are many to order from, and we haven’t heard any other negatives,” he said.

However, in a fluid business like this, there is nothing to say the future won’t change for the Island as well.
“But we are not anticipating any problems in getting top-end scotches at this point,” said MacMillan.