In today’s New York Times: “Packages You Won’t Need a Saw to Open”

I don’t think there are too many fans out there for the current level of complex and excessive packaging on most consumer products. Of course, it appears, there is such a thing as “Wrap Rage”: apparently, “It has sent about 6,000 Americans each year to emergency rooms with injuries caused by trying to pry, stab and cut open their purchases, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.”(this is cited in the NYT article, linked above).

Can you imagine the fun of accompanying Daddy or Mommy to the emergency room on Christmas Day after they’ve cut themselves trying to open up your new toys?

Never mind all that extra garbage.

Here comes one step in a progressive direction: Amazon is offering a small selection of toys and computer products which have been removed from the inane and wasteful levels of inpenetrable packaging (eg. the hermetically-sealed plastic “clam shells” which imprison the product within, requiring the grown-ups to force their way in with scissors and/or knives). This is partly an environmental initiative and partly a bid at making the process of opening the items much less painful.

The products are simply transferred to a cardboard box for shipping. Unfortunately, the selection only includes 19 items so far but I am sure that consumers will glom onto this idea — I hope more retailers and manufacturers adopt a reduction:

Frustration-Free Packaging