Still on the run…

Mike and I have registered for another 5K running event in late October, a larger-scale event in Niagara Falls (there is also a 10K, Half-Marathon, Marathon, and fitness expo included in the larger weekend event).

This time, I want to run the distance without walking. And I would like to edge my time a little closer to 30 minutes, but I will accept 35 minutes.

Again, my friendly senior adviser (the venerable “G”) has kindly devised a new training program to get me from here to there. Mike comes running when he can and he certainly loves joining me along the way. All this support aside, it is by and large a form of racing myself. So far, it is an activity which has given me a rare sense of personal power and measurable progress — and I love that.

The track record in my youth has been to give up too easily on things. This is especially true when I’m not quickly “good enough” at something, although that definition has always been very subjective and my own spin on things.

I vaguely remember my short-lived soccer career, which began and ended over a few weeks when I was 5. I could not keep up with the other kids. Basically, I followed the pack around because I knew that was what I was supposed to do, but I had a hard time wanting to bother over a ball I could never get a kick at (as if I could actually kick it far anyway)!

Of course I told my parents that I wanted to quit after two practices. I was never signed up for anything like it again and I certainly never volunteered. But I was always envious of those kids/people who were at the forefront of any match, the ones who were stronger or faster or more coordinated.

Funny how attitudes change. I am keen on the fact that every participant in the Niagara Falls event receives a medal. I never believed I could ever earn a medal in anything, even just for trying. The fact that I am TRYING at all is a big thing.

So what if I turn out to be perpetually trailing the pack. That isn’t the point.

I’m running with it. And I am somehow kicking it my own way, clear across the field.