I haven’t had the greatest week, running-wise, so far.

It isn’t all my fault, entirely. Thursday, after remaining fairly steady, I chose to push one element another day because I got home late after spending impromptu time with a friend (I chose to reschedule my personal time over my time with friends). Friday, I was nursing a bad headache all day (right behind my eye) — I thought I would be fine in the afternoon, and intended to be good last evening but the headache surged with a vengeance (I even felt a little nauseous) and I felt all energy and alertness sap out of me.

I could have tried at least a walk, but basically I ate something small, tried to relax, and ended up with a very early bedtime.

This morning, I’ve awakened slowly with the same headache/eyeache and I’m trying to get more water into me than usual so I can make some effort in the afternoon with a mid-sized run, bare minimum. Even though tomorrow technically is the start of week seven, there are only three elements to the week and I could do my longer week six element in the evening and plan the rest of the week from there accordingly (I like to set the longest interval for the week’s end, like I am passing a certain bar before entering the next cycle).

Meh. Not terrible — I think I’ll only be short one element — but not great. Funny how, when I was on vacation, I had no issues scheduling all of my elements and keeping myself on track as per the plan. This week, back to work and struggling to make sure I get it all in with a good flow to it.

The run I am aiming for, the goal at the end of this eight week stretch, is two weeks from tomorrow and I am hoping that this sort of setback is okay. I mean, life happens and “shit happens” and the schedules we impose on life sometimes have to be tweaked along the way. Yeah…