Sometimes, I am a creature of habit. Sometimes, I fall out of habit. This seems to be, in of itself, a habit…

Writing is one of those things which I seem to wander to and from depending upon mood, timing, laziness, etc. Vacation doesn’t help — somehow, the computer was not where I wanted to be while I was back in PEI last week and, somehow, I couldn’t get myself back to staring at a computer too long except when required, like at work (which is different). And, sometimes, there is just TOO MUCH to write about.

But then I got a couple readers telling me, in person for that matter, that they hadn’t seen my blog. And reminding me, more than once, of this fact. Who know that my regular old writing could be habit forming for anyone else? Go figure!

The running/fitness thing, incidentally, I have not fallen away from. This is something I want to keep up, long term. There are just too many positive ways in which this will pan out in the long run (sorry to pun), and I do love the natural old adrenaline/serotonin boost that comes with sustained exercise.

Here are, in point form, highlights from a week and a half of running, etc. (yes, I have to condense — none of these are in order of import, only in order of recollection):

** Suddenly, for my second and shortest run on PEI, Mike wanted to come with me. Sensei had told me, before I started this program, that I would want a buddy but I shrugged it off. I can be a solitary kind of person by habit, and this is a habit that isn’t always the best thing for me at all times. It felt wonderful to have Mike with me, just to talk with along the way and to pace me and to pep talk as well. The experience made me feel much more motivated to push. He has come on many runs since, including the long one on Saturday (12 min walk, 15 min run, 15 min walk). He keeps up just fine (well, with me, that isn’t tough).

** Michael’s quote: “When you hit the wall, you’ve just got to jump over it”.

** I’ve talked before on here about not carrying anything iPod-like (if I had one), and trying to remain “mindful” and alert to the actual environment, sights and sounds of the route, yadda yadda, as I go. Getting into longer runs, however, I get sick of my own consciousness and thoughts pretty fast. I think listening to music would, in fact, be a lovely soundtrack to the running. I’m one of those people who craves, or even “needs” music all the time anyway, and it certainly is an outside “voice” or track that I could align my focus with so I don’t find myself stuck on time elapsed, or any soreness, or things which hamper my concentration on the actual goal. I suspect none of this passage makes any sense to anyone but me.

** I tried my mom’s treadmill one day while back home, for a mid-sized interval (walk for five, run for ten, walk for 10). I loved it, and it felt “easier”. Again, some of that was the music I had playing on the stereo… but some of that was the fact that something else was keeping track of the pace, time and miles elapsed. Not something I want to get into the habit of because my 5K in 2.5 weeks will be outdoors, and conditions on a treadmill do not equate with the realities of an actual run outdoors. For example, when the ground is physically moving at a certain speed, this rather keeps the feet forcibly moving unless you press a switch or jump/fall off. Outdoors, I must keep my own feet moving by my own stimulus.

** I think I will have to get a bicycle again. I had too much fun on my old mountain bike back in PEI, just like old days. I love it and I’ve missed it dearly.

** I was so happy to run/walk/bicycle back in Stanhope, PEI. Never mind that it is my childhood home and full of emotional memory for me — it is simply a beautiful place, and the trail/boardwalk which wraps around the Covehead Bay and connects to the National Park bike trail is perfect. In fact, being wistful is precisely why I’ve avoided writing in the past tense.

** So, this is week six. I’ll try harder to keep at this part of the program.