Short program: walk 4 min, run 4min, times 3.

I got home late, because I left work late and because I managed to find every slow bus imaginable en route. There’s that, and I wasn’t feeling my best. The subway and buses didn’t help (bad headache, even a little nausea).

So I scrapped the original plan to do my long run (that will be tomorrow morning now, as my flight to PEI is later) and did a short one.

But I still felt off, and so when I got to the third repetition I had to stop at three minutes instead of four. I had stretched well beforehand, but in addition to the ill feeling I had more pain than usual in my lower back leg muscles. I don’t know what I did differently.

I did think that I felt better as I was walking and running the first stretch, but the headache bit back.

And I went home, ate and crashed.

The one interesting bit is that, as it was closer to sunset when I went out, the world had a pink cast to it and this bounced off the large white apartment buildings.

I feel fine this morning, although filled up. The problem with perfectionist tendencies is that I’ll always pick at the not-so-perfect details and feel like I could do more or better. That said, I will have a better experience with the longer run tomorrow morning.

Planning runs along the Covehead Bay, or on the beach, once I get home. Friday morning, and Sunday evening to start.