I am tired and I should sleep now. But I spent the whole way home itching to get my thoughts out there somewhere about this movie, so I’ll let my fingers go for a bit before letting my brain simmer for the night.

To keep myself from going ad nauseum here, I’ll stick to point-form:

** I laughed a lot, in great big rounds of loud laughter. This is always a good thing.

** I must get myself to Barcelona. Forget Hawaii for the honeymoon. Spain, baby, Spain. Not just Barcelona. The movie’s Barcelona, I know, is not one which exists outside of the fiction — a great exotic place for characters to play in (and did they play!) but not real. This is why I like falling into the world of a good movie for a space. However, having seen enough of the setting in the movie and elsewhere, I am sufficiently convinced that I must go.

** The film was definitely the smartest one I’ve seen in a bit, especially of the romantickish comedy kind. Of course there were no neat, tidy happy endings. There was a moment when I felt that the movie was going to work itself into a “true love, all along and together at last” kind of conclusion, but I’m so glad Woody Allen left that to the rom-coms most studios spew out. Nope — no one, I think, was necessarily happy in the end but this is closer to how most people fall back to their patterns and comfort levels. Now I think I must finally get around to earlier Woody Allen movies, like Annie Hall (all I know is that he’s neurotic, Diane Keaton wears men’s clothes and says “lah-di-dah” lots, and that it is considered good, and that is all).

** Whenever I watch a film with Spanish in it, whether entirely with subtitles or with splashes of it, I want to learn that language. This time, I may have to actually act on my impulse. How is the question…

** I like Penelope Cruz and Scarlet Johansson, and Javier Bardem was muy caliente (quite different in every film I see him in), but I really loved this girl who played “VickY” (Rebecca Hall) whom I’ve never heard of.

I’ll stop now. What I loved most was the set up of the camera to capture the reactions and expressions in just such a way that so much more could be said by the character without them having to say a word (or, to say something well beyond what the lines actually were). I like subtext.