I wondered how long it would take me before I started to slack off on entries about running/exercise… I’ll always choose my life, and living it, over spending all of my free time documenting it! I try when I can to take a moment, but this won’t always happen when I am busy, well, doing things and being with people.

Anyway… I did a short one Saturday morning, and within the next hour I got ready and finished cleaning in time for my 12 year old niece-in-training to arrive. Mike and I hosted her older cousin in the spring for a birthday “Magical Mystery Tour” weekend in the big city (these are country kids), so this was Christine’s turn. As you can imagine, sitting down and writing was not up there on my list of actionable priorities all weekend!! Neither was sleep.

I did a lot of walking around the city…

This evening, after we took her home and back, I was beat so I did a “mid-sized” run instead of the longer one I had planned to do. I didn’t see the point of tiring myself further, and I can always try the longer stint during the week.

I’m trying to think of anything else noteworthy, and I am drawing a blank. I’m just tired, and my bed is calling me. I do have beautiful black toe nails with bright neon green polka dots, courtesy of Ms. Christine.