While I was doing the first stretch of rapid walking, I kept hearing what sounded like a woman either actually sobbing or laughing so hard that she was crying. Imagine my surprise when I turned around and spotted a middle aged Jamaican-Canadian man on his cellphone (a large bottle of fabric softener in the other hand), completely cracking into pieces over what must have been the funniest conversation ever. I wanted to know what the jokes were… I am always stunned watching other people completely disappear into their own personal worlds on a cell or iPod.

I definitely prefer going out on these neighbourhood treks in the evening, right after getting home from work. I was the same way living back in PEI, going for walks and bike rides after dinner as a winding down of my day and my energies and my thoughts. The morning offers a nice way to wake up and get moving, but I felt a little rushed before work and tired in the
afternoon. Incidentally, I am a more nocturnal person by nature.

In the evening, I can just run the day through and process it in my thoughts while I walk and get the excess energy/frustration/stress expended during the run. It is relaxing. I also know I have eaten enough and had enough water all day. Then, I get the pleasure of unwinding even further the rest of the evening with a nice shower, a good meal, conversation with Mike, and a spot of quick writing (this, essentially). Slow unpeeling from the external life, until I hit sleep time which is the ultimate peeling away (Sleep Peels is an anagram, after all).

Here is a beautiful shot of Toronto in the evening: CN Tower, pink evening sky