Before I left work, Mr. G (or,”Sensei”) mentioned that I shouldn’t go running when there is thunder and lightening (there was a little bit when I got home, if faint)… so I didn’t go, primarily for that reason. I figure I have plenty of time in the morning if I get my arse moving a half hour earlier.

But I felt guilty anyway. I felt kinda scuzzy for taking that one dropped suggestion of an exception and running with it (or, not).

I did the stairs — I am on the 17th floor of my building, but I think of it as 16 as there is no 13th floor. Anyway, plenty of flights. I walked down to warm up, and then walked up. I staggered the ascent by walking across one of the floors, about the 8th one up, to the opposite flight and then going up that side the rest of the way. Then I walked down again to cool off and took the elevator back up.

Notes: I counted three shopping carts along the way. And one bannister half ripped off the wall and blocking part of the stairs. So, 16 flights and four hurdles. šŸ˜› I prefer outdoors.

At least I feel less lazy.