Today was the long program: 12 minutes walk (in theory, but I’ll elaborate below), 10 minutes consecutive running, and the fifteen minutes walk.

It was only supposed to be about 12 minutes of walking. I get to the little park near home and hit the windy, sheltered trail into the woods. I take my water bottle and start to drink in prep for the run. Somehow, I don’t know how, the water went down the wrong pipe and I had a lovely episode of choking and coughing and sputtering on the trail. Have I mentioned that it is a well-frequented park, packed with dogwalkers and strollers and runners? My daily life, I tell you, is a comedy of errors. I don’t want to talk about dropping a huge ice cream cake, meant for work, on the sidewalk while walking on Friday — in spite of me, it survived intact!!

It was only about a minute of discomfort and distress, but it felt like longer. When calm returned, my windpipe felt sore, irritated and still on the verge of coughing. So I decided to walk a little longer than planned until I regained my breath properly. I wanted to actually get through the longer running part this week!

SO I did. I got through the ten minutes just fine, although I kept a pretty tame gait all the way through. I watched a fit younger guy just stride by me like a gazelle, so effortlessly but I tried to ignore and just keep myself focussed on me. The last couple minutes or so was owwy owwy owwy, but not in any joints and nothing I couldn’t focus past. If it wasn’t a strain on some level, it wouldn’t really be exercise…

Good victory for a girl who has been too good at being a couch potato in her youth.

When I got back home, Mike told me I was red as a cherry and, sure enough, my face was a scarlet flush. But I’ll live. :OP

I am already noting a slight weight loss, and it pleases me. I won’t feel so bad trying on wedding dresses… not the only motivator but definitely a thought of mine.