I went to sleep too early, and now I’ve popped awake. Trolling the interweb after midnight on a work night isn’t my usual.

Not ideal, but staring at the computer screen makes me tired at work, so in theory I should be getting wonky any time now! I am writing compulsively again, mostly in notebooks on the commute but also in this funny space which has been so neglected — it is all good.

Randy has this knack for finding and writing about things that catch my admittedly flitty attention. Know that bewitching Royal Bank building around Front and Bay, with the striking gold-tinted glass windows that look like the sun got extracted and trapped in the panes? That is $70 worth of 24 karat pure gold per window, or over a million dollars in unrecoverable gold. The pragmatic reason being that the natural insulative effect of the gold cuts down on heating costs, but there is powerful messaging in a bank going solid gold.

What else… Vitamin C, I read, is a natural antihistamine, and that perhaps this may help me combat a chronic bit of rhinitis. I ought to just take an allergy test, but it will likely confirm suspicion that I am allergic to multiple airborne things, like dust or pollen, which cannot be avoided so easily (unless I wish to sterilize my life and stay inside all summer). The cat dander can’t be helping me, but not about to trade them in. Even if the pharmacy stuff wasn’t so freakishly potent and unattractive, I couldn’t take it anyway.

I’ve had this problem a while, but there is something about running which is making me quite aware (maybe excessively) of every sensation and movement.

Yadda yadda yadda… Erin, sense the fatigue and get back to bed.