Walk for ten, run for 4. Walk for another 10, run for 6.

I’ll talk about the change of scenery in a moment. As for the actual run, I was disappointed in my actual performance and it was, of course, my own doing. There were factors here that I could have controlled much better: I stayed up too late the night before around that campfire, and just did not drink enough water through the evening or in the morning. I stretched, but I could have stretched more. I should have had a snack before running on empty. Beyond my control, I was quite filled up and I couldn’t breathe (especially through my nose) properly. Allergies kill me. I’ll have to find some kind of alternative antihistamine or something which won’t conflict with other meds, as breathing completely and properly is to one’s advantage!

So, point being, I was fine for most of it but I had to stop and walk before I finished the six minute run part. I know I can do better than this, but my energy was not there and, while pushing myself is good to a point … it isn’t worth it to push when things are not optimal. And no one will ever chastise me more than myself when I don’t perform up to par.

Well, lessons learned… I just need to be much more mindful. And maybe not plan the longer elements directly after a late night of talking about everything and nothing with lovely people, with or without a few drinks.

Back to the positives and the beauty of a wonderful weekend! We visited Mike’s friends and family over the weekend, renting a car and getting a good hour out of Toronto. I feel recharged. Not to knock the city and its charming distractions, but I need to get out to the country or I feel like I lose touch with me along the way. Spent the night in a little place called Little
Britain, along the shores of Lake Scugog, and found myself suffering serious backyard envy at Andrew and Belinda’s place. I had forgotten what lush green smells like, and what nighttime silence is like, and darkness without interference from city lights. The sky was intensely freckled with stars, and I realized how I’d missed their presence. My run was along a farmer’s lane called Plum Point — closing my eyes, and not looking at the dark grey dirt, I could have been home in Stanhope along a shady country lane. Picked raspberries on the way back, and skipped stones on the lake for a bit (note to self: must live a little closer to water in future). But I miss the smell of salt water and a sense of the tides — fresh water is strange to me still!

The afternoon before, we were in Port Perry. Mike officially asked his best friend, also Mike, to be his best man, and they invited us for dinner. Met another old friend who had heard of me and finally got proof that I exist… and, best of all, six month old Matthew. Huge, deep blue eyes and a continuously happy, smiling face. I held him in my lap a little while (had curls tugged, hard) and I was surprised at how well he can initiate and maintain solid eye contact. I melted a little, and have not resolidified yet. I can wait for one of my own, though! I am currently quite happy with Other People’s Children.

And this afternoon was the family birthday party. Auntie Pickle time. I’m not as tired as I should be tonight!