2 minutes walking for every minute of running, repeated four times. Threw in a warm up walk and cool down walk.

I could do these runs earlier in the morning, but I am only a morning person by force. I prefer the late afternoon (detox from the day, wind down, and a good prelude to the rest of the evening’s leisure). I like running and walking at about 7-7:30 pm, when the quality and angle and strength of light changes. There are more shadows, and I run over and under huge ones. There are also more people out strolling or bopping about with pets (read: better people watching).

I don’t really like gyms, so exercising outside and in my own personal, solitary space and pace is nice.

Mike wanted Chinese food for dinner. I had a big lunch today, so I wasn’t interested for myself but decided to pick it up en route. But there was such a dissonance once I got there — walking in post-cool-down, in very boyish gym clothes, a little sweaty under a baseball hat, carrying a water bottle and looking like I had the right idea at some point in my evening — only to trot into a ridiculously busy Szechuan restaurant to order the most-MSG rich item on the menu. Felt a little off. The other note here is that fully four women walked out at the same time I did and they ALL sounded exactly like Fran Drescher (which is never good). Creepy.

**Timing: with short intervals, I can’t stare at my watch to measure a single minute while trying to focus on what I’m doing and where I’m stepping. I could get a fancy watch that beeps on cue, but for now I like to just count the minute, or two, in my head (1, 2, 3…) — it forces me to measure the time directly, to pace myself, to breathe, and it is a convenient thing to meditate on (the counting) while I go. I know, I know — just get a different watch! I have a simple mind.

**Why a small persistent ache in the shins would feel better only after a run is beyond me! We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

**In Toronto, especially in my neighbourhood, this whole idea of pedestrian right of way seems open to interpretation. Only in this neighbourhood do I fear for my life a little whenever I cross a seemingly safe intersection — why stop when you can just do a rolling stop, and why look out for people and other cars when one can just charge right through because it feels right? Much is made of how bad PEI drivers are, and it has some truth to it, but I’d rather excessively polite and slow drivers than people who don’t care.

**Hedges: I find some so immaculate and perfectly shaped that either a lot of time or money was spent, and it seems like a silly and trivial thing to fuss with. Then there are the ones where someone has made a half-assed effort, resulting in something a little too Edward Scissorhands. And then I understand a little more why investing time/money on cosmetic lawn work might be worthwhile.

I think I’ve covered the trivial details here. Oh, and I bought a comic book for the first time since coming from PEI. Nerdy girl lives. 😀