No matter how cleanly scrubbed, humidity like this makes me feel dirty after short exposure. It sticks to my skin, a layer of film which seems like it will never come off. Opening my mouth, enunciating words, breathing, walking, sitting … all action is oppressive and entrapping.

And most everyone around me, I can tell, is in the same place and the same level of discomfort with their own bodies. It is the end of the work day, and we’ve worn this work-appropriate clothing for too long today. Some smell better than others, and a few of them are aware of it. This makes the sardine experience on the bus that much more refreshing.

And so a cold shower at the end of the day, eyes shut under the push of water, mind freeing itself from accumulated heaviness in the process … it feels so good, to get clean.

Even shitty days end, eventually. Everything runs clear, eventually.