There was a busker in the Finch subway this past week playing acoustic guitar. Hardly remarkable, except that he was playing one of those brightly coloured, large-keyed child keyboards with his feet. The patches of piano playing were perfectly and intuitively timed as accented accompaniments to the song, quite outside of the melody, and gave so much more to the texture of the music. I only had two dollars change, but I would gladly have given more. I wish I could remember which song it was — an older one, possibly Motown but then, I cannot remember so clearly. My commute is a blur on the better days. I’m surprised that I remember this much. The thing with city living is that there are too many remarkable things in my environment, and no time to record it all.


I heard “Isolation” (by John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band, circa 1970) for the first time today. Something about those opening, recurrent piano chords, and the curl of John’s voice around the words… I love the process of discovering new music, especially from an artist who is already
a beloved favourite.

Another song I love of late: “Vienna” by Matt Costa. Here, I get frustrated trying to write about music as I can never describe it right with words alone.


Gah, emotions.