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The Guardian

BORDEN CARLETON — For the second time in five years, the Confederation Bridge will be part of a major fundraising effort to battle cancer.

On Sept. 14, 2010, the Confederation Bridge will be closed to traffic to allow for the 30th annual Terry Fox Run. In 2005, approximately 14,000 people crossed the bridge in the 25th anniversary of the run, raising $375,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation.

“We thought that was unbelievably great so we’re going to do it again,” said Confederation Bridge general manager Michel Le Chasseur.

“We’re going to do it on the Terry Fox 30th anniversary in 2010. We’re announcing this today (Friday) because we want to give plenty of time and plenty of notice not only for Islanders but for all Canadians to join in in this great celebration.”

Darrell Fox, Terry’s brother and national director of the Terry Fox Foundation, was among those gathered at Gateway Village for the announcement. On display was the van Terry travelled in during his historic run.

Fox has been travelling the Island and said now it feels hard to leave P.E.I.
“We’re actually not looking forward to crossing the bridge after five wonderful days,” Fox said.

“You can talk about how every province has something to offer in terms of beauty but the people really make the Island.”

Fox said in their travels across the Island they are sharing the van as a way to reconnect with the public.

“It’s been amazing to see how everyone has a Terry Fox story whether it’s from seeing or experiencing Terry in 1980 or participating in a Terry Fox run,” he said.

Le Chasseur said in 2005 the bridge was closed to traffic for about four hours and he expects the same to occur in 2010

“I think this formula worked fairly well so we’re not going to tweak with a good formula,” he said. “The only thing is if we had 14,000 people at that time we’re probably going to have a lot more and where it was four hours the last time maybe it will be an hour more. We’ll see as we go along.”

Le Chasseur said anyone wishing to participate needs to pre-register and there will be a specific website set up at the Terry Fox Foundation portal that will soon be announced.