From, November 1st:

Hotel shower electrocuted tourist

Nov 01, 07 | 1:56 am

An inquest has heard how a Sussex man was electrocuted in the shower during a holiday with his partner.

Stephen Jupp, 40, from the Newhaven area, died at a hotel in Paris in June 2006, hours after watching a Robbie Williams concert with June Saxby.

Ms Saxby, his partner of eight years, told an inquest: “He was shaking and his teeth were gritted. He said, ‘Don’t touch me, don’t touch me, electric’.”

Veronica Hamilton-Deeley, Brighton coroner, recorded a narrative verdict.

The inquest was told Mr Jupp had bought tickets to the Robbie Williams concert as a Christmas present for Ms Saxby.

‘Heard him scream’
She said that the morning after the show Mr Jupp suggested they have a “nice lunch and do some sightseeing” and then got into the shower at Forest Hill La Villette, where they were staying.

She said: “He had been in there several minutes – long enough to have a shower – and all of a sudden I heard him scream ‘argh’.”

Ms Saxby said she went into the bathroom and found Mr Juppp standing up holding the shower rail with both hands.

She went to telephone for help and when she returned “he was just lying there staring up at me with no expression on his face”.

Ms Saxby carried out CPR but Mr Jupp was pronounced dead when help arrived.

Ms Hamilton-Deeley said: “The [shower curtain] pole became live because it moved and had come into contact with or into very close proximity with the end shield of a wall-mounted lighting fixture or luminare.

“The light fixture was already live because it had been connected to its supply circuit in contravention of the regulations governing such electrical work.”

She told Ms Saxby: “There was absolutely nothing you could have done.”