I’ve just spotted this sentence while browsing a music sharing site, spoken by one might-as-well-be-anonymous username to another. “I want to hear what you hear”. And I don’t know why this is getting me on a roll with ideas, but it is working and I won’t fight with that momentum!

I think I’ll spend the evening writing . . . I haven’t had much of a head for writing anything beyond the practical lately which I regret but, well, just has been squished out by the other sounds and motions of a busy life.

But there’s something about having a few days in a different stream of mind and in different settings, changing tracks. My last day at prior job was Friday, and the new one starts Wednesday. This is the middle period, wide open for now. We went away this weekend to the Uxbridge/Kawartha Lakes area to spend time with Micheal’s family, and it felt wonderful to be with this warm and lovely group of people (whom I don’t get to see often enough). Saturday night, at Andrew’s, we just lost track of all time playing cards, drinking rum and coke, and having a 5 am walk by a lake in a place so blessedly quiet and brightly lit with stars. The night somehow devolved into watching “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and each of us crashing at once (an awful lot of parties in my youth ended up that way too).