It went fine, which is to say that I was second-guessed a little and attempts were made to suggest doubts to my resolve, and I was nervous and guilt-soaked as hell on a level . . . but, that said, I am fine, still decided, and things move on. Again, indefinite suggestions of “maybes” and “could have beens” within the current company were floated, but nothing firm to hold on to.

I am still little scared about this and I will, no doubt, wonder about what I might be losing. I had some insomnia last night, but that is normal for me when there is something on the go. People at work, inevitably, will talk and insert their opinions (directly or indirectly). I even had the expected cold shoulder, although when I continued to be my helpful self that passed and normalcy returned.

My fiance is so positive and affirming — makes all the difference in the world.

Moving on: The link below is where I’ll be working. Yes, there are some relatively boutique-ish bits to the place (eg. the focus on wellness, meditation, etc.) that others might find precious, but I still think there is potential to do interesting things within the themes. I am still ridiculously aspirational about it all:


It has been so long since I’ve written in here about myself in much detail, so frequently in one week.