I am starting with happy thoughts: I think we know where, and when, we want our wedding. It sounds beautiful — my parents went on a field trip and I am just waiting for the package in the mail. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t know yet that this is it. But the place is on the North Shore, it has a wraparound cedar deck, and very reasonable rates for food and for the accommodation of my many out-of-province guests. I am elated.

But, there’s some living to be done while we daydream and plan.

I’m handing in that resignation letter today — going in earlier in order to do it right. Not easy.

Well, the worst that can happen is the person gets upset, possibly tries to alter my mindset (won’t happen), and the other manager-types/co-workers under him may get a little cold because they are acting out of their own stress . . . and I’ll spend the next two weeks doing crap back-to-back/overtime shifts or overnights with a dose of guilt-infusion. And these are crazy, busy, intense days at work, with too many conferences and so many sold-out/oversold nights and perennial staff shortages (this comes with the industry, though).

Nobody really has any right to jump down my throat, or question my motivations so very much, because isn’t it really my business anyway? I can’t actually picture people getting out and out angry with me personally if I am honest and graceful about it. The situation, perhaps.

That is the worst. The best is knowing that it is only another two weeks or so, and there is something to look forward to at the end of that. Lots of things.