I feel strange, having really not lingered on this site for more than a glimpse in quite some time. Facebook has been my webcrack of choice, alas.

It does have one thing going for it: friends and family who would never keep a blog, let alone read one, are on that networking medium, and it is great finding people popping out of the woodwork after years of silence and distance. It has the flashy games and add-ons and media-sharing bits and . . .

But a Livejournal is the better writing space, so I will try to keep this active. I stumbled back because I was browsing back entries, trying to determine the exact date of what was my two year anniversary with Michael (shit, it feels both like we’ve always been together and, yet, still so fresh and recent at the same time). And Krees mentioned that she missed my writing, so I feel somewhat compelled to get back into it for at least one reader!

I am awake, and it is 3:11 am. I work overnight the next two nights, and so I am trying to keep myself up until Mike wakes so that I am adjusted for tonight. Caribbana will make for a busy weekend at work . . .

There are only so many quiet and nondisturptive things one can do at 3 am, with a light sleeper on the other side of the wall. Interwebbing is one of them, and with help from some strong tea it is keeping my eyes open and alert. I can listen to/download music, and I can troll for trivia like this:

Optimus Prime cake!

What else? I am listening to Tom Waits and similar, because it just feels appropriate at this time of night. I am getting ridiculously excited over my upcoming PEI vacation, my first experience of PEI summer in two years (and, hopefully, it will be summery). And I have a black cat curled up on the computer desk, using the lamp as a light heat source.

My life is pretty simple these days — not a bad thing, I say!