Good Things

1) I think I have found the place to build my career for the longterm, and it is a wonderful feeling. I have never been initiated to such a positive, organized, and empowering organization. I am feeling bloody keen.

2) I have a lovely weekend with my best friend, a much needed “girl’s weekend”. I also discovered the most magical Belgian Beer Temple (and temple it is), in Peterborough — St. Veronus. Holy . . .
I also had a lot of fun at the birthday party with Mike’s family.

3) I got more tax money back than expected, which is always a nice perk.

4) I am losing weight. Slooowly, but it’s all good.

Not So Good Things

1) I am thoroughly pissed, peeved, and perturbed with the place I rented a car from this weekend. No single glaring thing, but the most abysmal lack of service. I never do this, but I might just write in to the company.

2) Hmmm, I’m drawing a blank here . . . 😀