I don’t know, but I think I just heard a commentator on the news state that the prior stalking-ish behaviour towards women by the gunman at Virginia Tech was not really serious or indicative . . . is this kind of harassment so common, then?

I don’t know that I understand why a person with a history of stalking/harassing female students going back a year and a half, and with disturbing writings and behaviour, would not be restricted or monitored in some manner upon re-enrolling in courses the next year, or while living in residence. I know a university cannot fully bar someone simply because of prior mental illness, but I rather feel that repeat stalking behaviour (whether charges are laid or not) should result in suspension or something more. Or some manner of conditional probation. Something.

Whatever the backstory was, this person evidently had problems with women (well, with everyone).

But this line of thinking/wondering, I don’t know what it generates but a sense of helplessness in not knowing what is up with people all of the time, no matter what can be noticed in retrospect.

This story has made me cry, for these people, these kids who won’t get to really start their lives and for the others who seemed so alive.