I think my interview went very well today. He is incredibly nice, and spent some time describing this lovely property where many of the front office staff have been on board for at least 3-4 years. It sounds wonderful, and I really want that job. I was introduced to the front office manager, and she had a such a warm and big personality. I really want this one.

They completely focussed on my MOD candidacy, which sounds great. I would love to do that. But I also hope that I could be accepted as a senior front desk agent if the MOD thing is not right for this time.

Oh, I want it! 😀

But it’ll be a week or two before I know. Meanwhile, I sent out more resumes today.

Question: can anyone out there picture me as a flight attendant? I ask because I *might* attend the recruitment session at the Holiday Inn on King, and apparently I just make the height requirements (!) Also, I am *told* that the pay and perks are worthwhile if I get through the five interviews, the exam, and the on-plane test. Transportation would be the issue, though, and I’ve no interest in getting a car at this point. Unless there’s a way to get to Pearson that wouldn’t take two hours by transit (?)

I guess I also wonder what kind of advancement opportunities there could be in such a position. And how much do I want to work for an airline I refuse to actually fly with lately?

Yeah, might not. But maybe . . .