Is it silly to have a resume that covers four pages? I’m wondering, and trying to see how I can cut it down without leaving out anything useful.

I have three resume formats now. I might add a fourth, to be in French if only to have something to prove I can write the language in a more or less competent manner (VIA requested one as well)!

I have one that is chronological, which I rarely use anymore. One is my “hospitality” version and lists jobs relevant to that at the very job and in more detail and with another “Other employment” section detailing other jobs not as relevant but encompassing important skills. The other template is for jobs which would be more office/reception in nature, and a lot of the same jobs are at the top but with other responsibilities highlighted more than others. I like white space and readable fonts, but otherwise it is plain and straight forward.

Sometimes, I only submit a version with the relevant jobs and do not include the “other” jobs (eg. my stint at the Canteen in Stanhope is really only pertinent because I used a cash register, waited tables, and helped with stocking and ordering items). That really only cuts out a half-page of stuff.

Now that I am on the margins of more professional opportunities, I guess it is good to have a lengthy and variable resume. But I would hate for the initial length to be a turn-off.