Here’s an opportunity: I am applying to work with Via rail to be a guest agent on board the trains. The wage is very good, and I suspect the benefits are good. Might be an interesting change! The one catch would be that I would be away fairly randomly, which would preclude my plans for taking spring session courses.

However, I think this could be interesting. Never hurts to apply.

The other one catching my eye this week is at a private club, running memberships and reservations for the facilities.

My mother feels I am aiming too low, and keeps suggesting I try the banks (!), but I don’t agree. My aim in life has never been to hit the big salary or work somewhere because it is safe. I already tried the whole MOD thing, and perhaps it wasn’t for me yet at this point. I like actively helping people, and I’m not sure I want a desk job. I love the idea of travelling cross-country, or if working for a location with frequent repeat guests I can get to know and cater to in a meaningful way (eg. I like predicting what someone wants before they ask for it).

I haven’t, however, been active on the cold calls. I’m being very specific about where I apply, and I have been directing my applications largely via e-mail. Maybe silly, but I found that the first time I tried cold calls here, I never got to speak to anyone in person and I have no idea where the resumes get shuffled afterwards.