I’ve been here nearly a year, but I still peek back at the news back home. Front page news today:

Islander can’t wet whistle at ACC as her ID rejected: Security at Toronto arena rejects P.E.I. driver’s licence as fake

The Guardian

Prince Edward Island’s new driver’s licence has been heralded as a superior document that serves as an enhancement of personal security against theft and fraud.

Security at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, however, dismissed the card as a worthless fake when a 23-year-old Charlottetown woman tried to use her new licence as a form of ID to buy a drink at a recent Maple Leafs game.

Jessica Doyle first had a bartender voice concern that her licence “didn’t look right.’’

Then another security person came over and said she wasn’t going to allow Doyle to use the licence as proof that she was old enough to purchase and drink alcohol.

Then the topper came with the arrival of another woman who identified herself as head of security.

That woman told Doyle that she has been in security for 20 years and thought the card Doyle claimed was her P.E.I. driver’s licence was “the worse excuse for an ID’’ that she had ever seen. The security person said the card looked like it had been made on a home computer.

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