Two years ago today, I became enrolled in what my friend Bill aptly called “The College of Life”.

I remember being stuck on the idea that March 1 was important, as in having received my “marching orders,” “marching forth” into something likely more challenging than anything I had ever gotten into before. And it was. Can’t believe it has been two years! I wonder where everyone is and how everyone is doing, hoping we are all well together. I stink at keeping in touch with people sometimes.

It feels so good to look back on the past two years. I like to think there’s been progress.

This week has been odd. I think I’ve realized how long it’s been since I’ve had real down time. I pursue these jobs and activities which inundate me with socializing and people, but at heart I am still very much the old introvert who likes to be on her own now and then. I’ve been playing with my boyfriend’s water colours and acrylics (he mostly uses pastels and oils), and doing some collaging again. I cannot draw for shite, but that doesn’t matter.

I’m getting a little bored, but I think it is just that I am not used to having time to fill. Resisting all urges to volunteer or get involved in anything extracurricular yet, as my eyes are still bigger than my stomach.

I’m preparing a career portfolio in the meantime, preparing to hit pavement on Monday. We’ll see . . .