My mantra this last few days: “Keep composure, stay professional”.

I have stuck the week out for my staff, not for anyone else. Really, I nearly walked out last night because she yelled at me simply for sitting in her chair while conversing with the new manager about how the evening shift operates. And they wonder why I’m leaving?!!

I can’t be honest because I am scared of losing references. I’ve got the PEI references and other department heads, but still. The worst part is when she turns all nice and concerned later, like a Jekyl and Hyde kind of twist. I can take shit from guests, but not from the people who are supposed to be in my corner, my team. Good managers cannot take their shit out on other people like that.

Gah. But I got lots of great feedback from people in the restaurant and so on. Armando told me they will never have another manager like me. This felt good. I know I am a person staff can come to and feel safe talking to. I’m thinking about human resources, getting a certificate, because I sense this is possibly where I am strongest.

I stayed so that my fellow staff would not be on their own, and because I like working with them.

The rest of the crap, good riddance.