My boss beat me to the punch and guessed that I wanted to resign before I had a chance to act. And she was remarkably understanding and empathetic all considering, although she said she’d miss me on the team. But she is also willing to give me a good reference and help me with finding something different. Very gracious!

I am thinking, as much, that it is the floor manager role that was too much too fast. It doesn’t mean I can’t ever do it again, later, once I get the experience under my belt and get to do some training along the way. Or maybe, and this is a thought, I could be excellent in human resources. I am good at coaching and helping people, anyway.

SO, two weeks left. I’m sad because I do love so many of the people I work with, but I can still maintain friendships and contacts. Heck, maybe I can still attend the monthly poker game! ;P

Right now, I feel immensely relieved!